3M™ Surgical Clipper Professional Blade 9680

  • 3M™ Surgical Clipper Professional Blade 9680 blade helps prevent skin from being pulled into the cutting blade.
  • Single blade for standard and trauma procedures.
  • Removes all types of hair in a single pass.
  • 160 minutes of use time on a minimal 3-hour recharge.
  • LED indicator lights provide battery charge status.

The next generation of 3M™ Surgical Clippers combines superior design and performance to help reduce the risk of infeciton, streamline workflow and promote a positive perioperative experience for your staff and patients.

The blade is effective for sensitive areas, standard clipping and trauma procedures, helping OR’s standardize protocols while eliminating the need to purchase multiple clipper blades. The 9681 model provides 160 minutes of run time on a three-hour recharge, surpassing all other clippers on both battery life and speed of recharge.

Suggested Applications:

  • Removes head and body hair from patients in preparation for procedures where hair removal is desired