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  • 10 Towels Inside, Towel Size: 32Cm X 30Cm


  • One Step Rinse Free Bath - Replacing the conventional wash using soap, towels and water, ECO Bath provides a one step hygienic replacement for cleaning patients. The disposable towels also reduce the time taken by 15 minutes by removing time consuming collection and equipment clearing
  • Uniform Dosage - A pre-packaged set of disposable towels ensure uniform dosage and convenient application of the product on skin
  • Each wet wipe is specifically designed with a higher content & impregnated with a formula that includes Olive extracts and Vitamin E. This ensures a smooth application on skin and helps prevent skin tears.
  • Alcohol free and skin friendly formulation
  • Moisturized with Olive, Vitamin E and skin emollients

GINNI Bed Bath Towel

  • ⇒ GINNI bed bath towels body wipes are extra thick moisturising wet wipes made for effective cleansing of the skin without the usage of water
  • ⇒ HYGENIC BATHING ALTERNATIVE FOR BEDRIDDEN PATIENTS: Bath Wipes from wiclenz are ideal for people who have difficulty while bathing due to injury or illness. It is effective at cleansing skin when bathing isn't an option or when there is less water. It keeps your skin clean, fresh, Safe & hygienic
  • ⇒ Anti-bacterial formulation for a complete bathing solution. ⇒ Large size of wipe for easy cleaning.
  • ⇒ LEAVES SKIN MOISTURISED: These patient bath wipes contain Aloe Vera, Olive Oil & Vitamin E to keep the bath wipes pre-moistened. These natural ingredients provide chemical-free moisturising
  • ⇒ Microwaveable for warm sponge and a dignified way of bathing. ⇒ Alcohol Free, thus risk of irritation is reduced.

Seni Care Wet Wipes

Seni is the European brand of superior quality absorbent products and skin care solutions that won the trust of millions