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Dyna 3D Hinged Knee Brace (Large Right, Grey)…

  • Anatomically shaped silicone pressure pad integrated at the kneecap keeps the patella in position and helps to position the support correctly. It also relieves pressure off the patella and prevents it from tilting
  • Help of medio-lateral hinges and adjustable straps
  • Opposing straps above and below the knee provides enhanced proper anatomical fit and also keep the knee joint secure during movement. Also provides additional compression and keeps the brace in place during activity

Dyna 3D Knee Brace (S,M,L,XL,XXL)…

Brand Dyna
Size X Large
Use for Knees
Age Range (Description) Adult
Colour Grey

Dyna 3D Lumbo Sacral Corset (Dual Strap) X Large…

Brand Dyna
Size M
Specific Uses For Product Degenerative Disc Disease
Use for Back
Age Range (Description) Adult

Dyna Ankle Immobiliser-Universal

  • Semi-rigid anatomically designed shells for protection, immobilisation and comfort of ankle joint
  • Inside padding for comfort and better stability
  • Streamlined fit in shoes for weight-bearing

Dyna Chest Brace with Sternal pad (M)…

  • Fully elastic brace with foam padded sternal support to hold rib cage intact
  • Offers ideal compression to the thoracic area without affecting the normal respiration
  • Hook and loop closures for easy application and removal

Dyna Cling Breath Post Maternity Corset

  • Increased width of 25 cm which no other competitor product offers. This will give maximum support to your abdominal walls
  • Excellent elasticity and stretchability ensures adequate compression and supports weakened muscle

Dyna Hinged Knee Brace Open Patella (M)

  • Open patella design allows more flexibility around the knee cap
  • Soft circular cushion around open patella keeps patella in position
  • Hook and loop closures for easy application and removal
  • Automatic flexion lock system restricts flexion below 60 degree

Dyna Hyper Extension Brace (Ash Brace)-One size fits most

  • Two lateral pads for trunk stability
  • Made of aluminium which makes it lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Sternal and pubic pads prevent flexion of the spine
  • Supported by posterior thoraco lumbar pad

Dyna Innolife Knee Immobiliser-14 (X-Large)d

  • Made of soft foam for comfort
  • Rigid aluminium bars ensure complete immobilisation
  • Additional elastic strap over the patella for support
  • Strong buckles and straps ensure proper fit
  • Strong stitching ensure the durability of straps when tightening.Double stitching on the edges for durability.

Dyna Knee Brace Special comfort feel (Xl)

  • Made of foam with padding for comfort
  • Provides an additional strap above the patella (knee-cap) for better stability
  • Prevents buckling of the knee while bearing weights, also immobilises the knee after surgery
  • Two semi-rigid posterior bars limit the knee flexion. Semi rigid medio lateral bars are provided for medio lateral stability
  • Velcro closures for easy application, removal and adjustment

Dyna Knee Cap | Providing 360 Degree Protection | 4-Way Stretchable Knee Support | for Joint Pain Relief, Sports, Running,Gym, Cycling, Exercise | 1 pair | For Men and Women -LARGE

  • Provides 360 Degree Protection for your Knee, Provides Intermittent Massaging Effect, No Slipping or Bunching, 4-Way Strech.
  • Sporty look
  • Optimum Compression to provide Support while still allowing for flexibility during Sports such as weightlifting, basketball, running, jogging, volleyball, Kabaddi, CrossFit, gym, tennis, hiking and more
  • Pain Relief from Arthritis, meniscus tear, ,ACL, joint pain relief, sports injury, swelling, tendonitis etc
  • Useful when walking for relief from pain due to age-related knee pain
  • Anatomically contoured to provide perfect fit around knee
  • Retains shape and provides support even after multiple washes

Dyna OA Knee Support (X-Large(55-61 cm), Right Leg Valgus/Left Leg Varus)

Brand Dyna
Size X-Large(55-61 cm)
Specific Uses For Product 1. Primary stages of unilateral osteoarthritis 2. Valgus / Varus deformities
Use for Legs
Age Range (Description) Adult