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Polymed Suction Catheter

For removal of secretion from the trachea and bronchial region  Soft, frosted, and kink resistant DEHP free PVC tubing with

RUSCH Two Way Latex Silicone Foley Catheter | Size 12, Pack of 10 pcs | Urinary incontinence / retention, Measure urine output | Drain the bladder before, during, or after surgery

  • EASY TO USE: These catheters are easier to insert than latex. They typically produce less incidents of irritation to the urethra. Each catheter openings have separate lumens
  • GREAT FUNCTIONALITY: The 2-way openings allow both urine to flow out the tube and a balloon to be inflated into the bladder
  • HIGH GRADE SILICONE: Being 100 percent silicone, they have lower incidents of encrustation and blockage rates
  • EASY TO IDENTIFY: Each catheter size is color coded. Each catheter is sterile and individually packaged
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: The Foley catheter guarantees optimal patient care in every case while remaining economical