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Microtone Stethoscope – PAEDIATRIC

Microtone Stethoscope - PAEDIATRIC is Applicable for auscultation of heart and lung. The small bell-like chest piece is used for auscultation of slight and low frequency sound.
  • Aluminium Anodised Dual Head Chest Piece: The dual head chest piece is light weight with grain finish silver coloured anodised coating. It is precisely machined for enhanced performance & durability. It features an adult tunable diaphragm with a brass chrome plated ring.
  • Comfortably Angled Chrome Plated Frame: The frame is made of 5mm seamless brass pipe. The frame is positioned at an anatomically correct angle, for a proper fit into your ear canals. The frame tension is adjusted for individual fit and comfort.
  • U-Shaped PVC Tubing: ELKO DECITONE U-shaped tubing is made from latex free PVC. The superior design of the tubing provides high quality sound transmission. Specially designed seamless PVC tubing retains its shape and flexibility even after folding tightly into a pocket and is less likely to pick up stains.

Microtone Stethoscope (Black) Made in India

  • Aluminium alloy anodized 45mm chest piece
  • Extra soft tight sealing ear tube
  • 175Mm head frame made of 5 mm thick brass pipe
  • Accompanied by spare printed diaphram with ear knob